Solutioneering, LLC develops solutions to help businesses solve their problems and realize benefits from their opportunities — with a passion for the “Little Guy.”  We conceived the idea of Digital Customer Notification in 2016 to help small service-based businesses generate more revenue for themselves. To complement the idea, we also developed a software as a service-based Digital Revenue-Generating Platform to help them and patented it.

How did we come up with the idea for Digital Customer Notification? We had these observations: Customers are a small service-based business’ lifeblood — they cannot stay in business long without them. Small service-based businesses, however, are leaving potential money on the table every day with their existing customers by missing the opportunity to cross-sell. Cross-selling is the action or practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. We know that cross-selling empowers the “Little Guy.”

The challenge, though, is that potential customers are bombarded with numerous and diverse types of advertising products each day, whether they be: newspaper, or magazine;  road or building signage; e-mail, Web pages, or social media; television or radio, all are competing for customers’ increasingly short attention spans. A small service-based business’ return-on-investment by using these types of advertising products to grow their business and very often with limited time, staff, and money is sketchy at best. Text messaging, however, is about the simplest, least expensive, and most effective advertising product that can be offered and research1 supports it. For example, the majority of consumers have a positive perception of a company that uses text messaging. Almost half of consumers would rather receive advertising information through text over any other means. Texting is also the highest-rated contact method for customer satisfaction out of all the other ways to communicate with a customer. Additionally, companies that text convert sales prospects at a rate of 40 percent higher than those who do not. In fact, texting in the sales process can lead to conversion gains of more than 100 percent.

However, there is a problem. Sending text messages before establishing more formal contact with a potential customer can adversely affect the opportunity to do business with them the first time let alone any other follow-on opportunity to cross-sell. People just hate spam text messages, as well as e-mails and quickly know it when they see it. The result is typically a quick deletion without even clicking on the text or e-mail. In general, most customers do not like to be cross-sold to while a business is currently servicing them — it can appear to be just plain pushy.

The question then became, how does a small service-based business get around this situation? Could a means be identified that a small service-based business can use to passively cross-sell to increase its revenue? Solutioneering addressed this question by identifying a “revenue-generating sweet spot” that ensures a very high probability that a company’s customers will click on the Digital Customer Notification text and see the accompanying advertisement in a way that is not pushy to a customer that they are engaging with for the first time.

Through DCN, Solutioneering allows a service-based business of any size to easily do direct relational selling and have a high probability of existing customers viewing other products or services that they offer. DCN stretches the effectiveness of the existing advertising budgets. Our approach allows small service-based businesses to maximize their existing advertising investments and ensures they receive the best return-on- investment for money they have already spent on advertising.

Solutioneering feels confident in its development of the Digital Customer Notification platform. DCN means more business and a new revenue stream for small service-based businesses — this is a simple way to make more money.

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